Why Birch?


Plyhome furniture is made from 18mm European Birch plywood and is available in four finishes - natural (clear coat on top of the birch) or birch with matte white, matte black or smoky olive (high pressure laminate on top of the birch).  Both options are highly durable and both showcase the unique birch edge - unbeaten for its quality clean lines.  This natural design feature has nothing to hide, samples are available on request. 

The wish-list we had when selecting our timber was brutal. You can read all about why the plywood we use is such a stand-out performer here.  Scroll down to understand why it makes such a sensible choice for your kids and your home. 


European Birch Plywood, FSC Certified, PEFC Certified, ULEF: no harmful emissions, Environment Protection Standard: ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008. That’s a whole bunch of science talk to basically say “You can rest easy, knowing that your kids are using furniture made from a material that’s safe and produced in an environmentally friendly way.” Phew.


Performance is what it’s all about. Our designs feature 18mm European birch: admired for its superior strength and reliability. Read this for more info. By the way: if your kid truly does possess superhero strength and manages (by some miracle) to damage it - the beauty of our furniture is that single panel repairs are possible.


Appearance counts too. Four finishes are available: natural birch, matte white, matte black, or smoky olive. The natural birch finish lets the natural grain show through. The matte white, matte black and smoky olive is a solid HPL layer on top of the birch for extra durability and a more contemporary look. Birch looks right at home in both contemporary and traditional homes without taking over from the overall look of a room. Let your inner interior designer run wild with whichever look you’re going for and the Plyhome furniture will happily play a stylish, but subtle, background role.


All surfaces are sealed with a protective layer. Handy if your kids are like ours and leave questionable fingerprints on everything.