Designer Kids Furniture - The Plyhome 5 way cot.
Designer Kids Furniture - The Plyhome 5 way cot.
Designer Kids Furniture - The Plyhome 5 way cot.
Designer Kids Furniture - The Plyhome 5 way cot.

Designer Kids Furniture - The Plyhome 5 way cot.

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Our pride and joy! The Plyhome 4 way cot is undergoing safety certification. Have a read of its features below and if you like the look of it, you can register for our Waitlist so that you can be notified once it is available for sale.

This is a beautiful design piece for your child’s first room but more importantly, it’s practical too with safety and future conversion very much top of mind. Please note that the images featured here are of a prototype and the final product is has a more streamlined (flush) appearance at the corners 


The Plyhome cot has practical features to take your children through several stages of childhood use to you get maximum value out of it:

  1. Basinette (high level cot): ideal for newbies who need frequent lifting in and out of the cot.
  2. Low-level cot: when your child is nearly ready to sit up, drop the mattress base to its lower level for higher side safety. 
  3. Toddler bed for free. Make the transition to a big kid’s bed super easy: take one side off, then both. Ask any preschooler and they’ll tell you…big kids don’t sleep in cots! Which is exactly why this one actually looks like a proper bed with both sides off. But wait, it gets better! You can use the toddler bed with a headboard and footer, just a header, or go for the daybed look and have none at all! Bonus: No conversion kit required.
  4. Junior sofa for big kids. Just add the (optional) slot-on bookshelves and you’ll get another few years out of the cot as a reading or (cough) tech space that even the big kids love.
  5. Kids desk (optional). That's right! The corner posts of the cot become the legs of a table! Just purchase the add on table-top and before you know it your baby will have the coolest creative space ever. 


  • Made from premium birch ply, it has no nasty finishes to nibble upon when first teeth appear.
  • Easily removed sides for convenient bedding changes: no more dodgy backs from contorting yourself over the cot sides to change the sheets.
  • Easy converting slat rails for quickly changing the mattress height from high to low. 1 person, 2 minutes. Job done. Safer for the kids and much, much easier for the parent.
  • And all with less than 10 minute assembly and no Allen keys or power tools. Enough said!
  • Super Strong: Made from 18mm birch ply, whether you have one kid or more, this will last the distance. Birch ply is on par with steel for strength, read more about it here.  
  • Fits a standard NZ mattress - no worries about finding sheets to fit! (690mm x 1300mm)