Hi! We’re Anna & Euripides (Rips), the Co-Founders of Plyhome.  Our furniture is created by a guy with backgrounds in both engineering & joinery and influenced by a mum who adds a parenting perspective and love of grown-up design.  

Plyhome’s story started with this amazingly professional scribble...it bears zero resemblance to our furniture today, but I (Anna) thought it was pretty cool when I handed it over to Rips, who was recommended to me as a  joiner to make some custom-made bunks. Rips thinks my drawing skills are hilarious and keeps it in his top drawer.


From bunks to business:

We quickly went from ‘bunk building’ to ‘business building’ when we realised that beyond client-joiner relationship, we both had a similar design style, complementary skills, got on well and could see a business opportunity lurking.  14 months of product development later, and we’d sold our first bed. Plyhome was a real thing. Those bunks? They’re waiting to become part of the Plyhome Junior Collection. In the meantime, my kids have 2nd-hand bunks with 26 visible screws…26. They took 3 hours to assemble, with an Allen key and a power drill. It’s a sore spot best avoided.

An unusual partnership:

We have completely different backgrounds and are at completely different life stages. 25 vs 38. No kids yet vs two. Learn-as-you-go & hands on career building vs formal uni education + corporate career. One loves tattoos, the other doesn’t. It’s a partnership that works really well.  Here’s a bit more about each of us: 

Euripides (rips) taylor-cassels.

DESIGN/MAKING:  A humble head-down-get-it-done kind of guy. A true kiwi innovator and  one super clever designer. No “professional” design quals: just absolute  natural talent, a perfectionist streak and a true-grit work ethic. He is  totally obsessed with connection details, premium materials and  combining high tech manufacturing systems with fine craftsmanship. He  also has a very understanding girlfriend who doesn’t mind that the  workshop is his second home.


SALES/MARKETING: A marketing mum of two, who loves kids products that are non-toxic and  design driven, while dealing to real parental frustrations: such as being  able to change the sheets on a cot without getting a back injury. Doesn’t  like Allen keys or unnecessary packaging. Has a husband who  tolerates rooms being switched around and burgeoning cushion  collections. Loves building this very special brand and can’t wait to see Plyhome in other people’s homes too.


Start-up family businesses take a lot of extra support. We want to acknowledge our helpers. These guys are the product testers, the motivators, the babysitters, the unashamedly proud brand champs. Plyhome is all about family, and we are so very grateful for the support of ours.


We’d love to hear from you.  You can call us on 0800 PLYHOME (0800 759 4663) email us at hello@plyhome.co.nz or write to us at PO Box 30208, Lower Hutt 5040.