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Plyhome secures new manufacturing partner

Written by Anna Gilhooly, Co-Founder Well, hello there: it’s been ages! So…we‘ve been a touch quiet (actually, resoundingly silent) lately and we wanted to let you know why. Essentially, we went through the classic business problem of growing too busy, too quickly. People really loved our furniture and we loved sending it all over New Zealand: from Waiheke Island down to rural Queenstown. But it all happened in an absolute flash and two creatively-brained people were suddenly thrust into the business of operations, which wasn’t exactly our happy place.  So…we did a lot of talking and a lot of listening to some very clever people about what to do.  As a result: we are so thrilled to announce that we have...

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Not just the two of us:

EDIT: This blog was created just 14-months into Plyhome's journey in 2017. We are now a much bigger team (you can read about that here), but we will never forget our humble beginnings and this blog is intended for those starting up in the business of 'making stuff' from scratch.  Some start-up businesses are literally built by one or two people. Plyhome isn’t one of them. Yes, Plyhome at its core has been created by two people who had the right mix of complementary skills, but what neither of us had  at 14 months into our business journey was experience commercialising a design for retail. Now we do! But at the start of our journey it was all new to us....

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Our interview in Idealog.

We've been fans of Idealog since way back.  It was actually one of the things that got me into marketing waaay back in the day. My dad used to shoot editorial photos for them and I began reading them cover to cover when they came home.  It's still one of our favourite sources of NZ business and design inspiration, so we were really chuffed with this interview about what Plyhome was up to and why.  A big thanks to Arriba PR for teeing this up, and also to Caitlin Salter for the sterling write-up.

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